SharePoint Conference 2009

I will be attending the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas next week and wanted to share my schedule with those that might be interested in checking back for content.  I will be blogging on content throughout the event. There may be multiple sessions listed under a given timeslot as I will be narrowing down content as I attend other sessions. 

I will be cross posting some content on my blog with  more info can be found on my next blog post:

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Monday, October 19th, 2009
9:00 AM  - Keynote: Unveiling Microsoft SharePoint 2010
Speaker: Steve Ballmer
10:30 AM  -  Keynote: Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Drilldown
Speaker: Jeff Teper
1:15 PM  -  Overview of the SharePoint 2010 Developer Platform
2:45 PM  - 
SharePoint 2010 Administration: Part 1
Visual Studio 2010 SharePoint Development Tools Overview
4:30 PM  - 
SharePoint 2010 Administration: Part 2
Overview of Social Computing in SharePoint 2010
Developing with SharePoint 2010 Sandboxed Solutions

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009
9:00 AM  - 
Building Rich Internet Applications with Silverlight 3 and...
Advanced Web Part Development in Visual Studio 2010
Overview of Office 2010 for the IT Pro
10:30 AM  - 
Building A Great Extranet: Proven Principles & Best Practices
Scaling SharePoint 2010 topologies for your organization
1:15 PM  - 
SharePoint isn’t just for Servers anymore
Developing SharePoint 2010 Applications with the Client Object Model
Authentication and Authorization in SharePoint 2010
2:45 PM  -  Deep Dive into SharePoint 2010 My Sites and Social Networking...

Wednesday, October 21th, 2009
9:00 AM  -  Developing an Automated Site Management Lifecycle with SharePoint 2010
10:30 AM  -  Business Connectivity Services Runtime and Object Model Deep Dive
1:15 PM  -  Developing with REST and LINQ in SharePoint 2010
2:45 PM  - 
Externalizing BLOB Storage in SharePoint 2010
Developing Social Applications with SharePoint 2010
4:30 PM  -  Advanced Development for Silverlight 3 in SharePoint 2010

Thursday, October 22th, 2009
9:00 AM  -  Unveiling New Management Tools for Administering SharePoint 2010
10:30 AM  -  Application Lifecycle Management for Developers in SharePoint 2010
12:00 PM  -  Upgrading SharePoint 2007 code to SharePoint 2010