SharePoint on the iPhone

I’ve seen a couple notes regarding this on Twitter, so I thought I’d check it out for myself.

A company by the name of Webstate set off to make the next best thing for the iPhone, an application that integrates with SharePoint.

After doing some digging around, here are some takeaways:

What to look for:
-Asynchronous – even with poor reception, the browsing experience should be “good”
-Available via iTunes App Store
-Advanced compression algorithm – faster downloads & browsing
-Uses SSL to connect

What to look OUT for:
-Needs to have iSharePhoneServer – this could be costly to implement, questions around security come to mind (where to put this server: DMZ, behind firewall?)
-Another point of configuration for authorization
-No list of features have been announced yet (ability to change settings, read Office documents, upload files, etc.)

iSharePhone is already in beta testing with several companies.  An official release date for the app has not yet been posted.

I’m excited to see what becomes of this.  Here is a link to the official iSharePhone site: