New links...

Added "BizTalk Gurus" category today for people with BizTalk blogs. Not too many links so far, I certainly missed some great blogs that I've seen and now cannot recall where, so if you have a blog on BizTalk and wnat me to place a link to it, let me kow.

Here is what I added there for now (in alphabetical order):

  • Alan Smith from Stockholm is maintaining the growing Bloggers Guide to BizTalk
  • Andy Morrison: just a good blog with interesting notes.
  • Arch Hacker: another good blog from UK.
  • El Grego: good blog, really catched my eye with posts on WMI writing and MSMQT ACKs.
  • Stas Kondratiev: a BizTalk blog from Moscow. BTW, there are very interesting BizTalk deployments in Russia.