One more blog on BizTalk

Ok, so here is one more blog on BizTalk. Is there anything different about it? I hope to make it so. Let see, what we have now from the people from Microsoft.

First, we have an excellent weblog from Scott Woodgate. That’s a blog #1 for everybody interested in BizTalk covering news, hints, little insider info, developer’s competitions, not to mention some New Zealand stuff. :-)

Then we have blogs from Lee and Kevin. These blogs will talk about the core messaging engine. If your questions are about life of the message before it gets to the database – Kevin is the best man to answer it. What happens to the message once it got into the database (and there is a lot happening there) – Lee is the man. And when Lee hands the message over from the database, guess who takes care of it? Kevin. Actually, there is a thin layer between, which they both know very well.

I worked with Kevin and Lee on the core messaging engine for BizTalk 2004 in Redmond. Actually, I am still in Redmond and I still work on Messaging Engine with Lee (and few other very smart guys, who are just too humble to start their own blogs). As to Kevin, alas! – he’s gone to the better world, well, I mean Europe. He is now Microsoft Consulting Service consultant working on BizTalk projects in the United Kingdom. Which means that we can expect pretty interesting posts from him based on his experience.

Just to brag a little, before BizTalk I worked on MSXML, including MSXML 5 in Office XP, MSXML 4 used in a lot of places (including BizTalk), and MSXML 3 sitting in every Windows box in the world. Before Microsoft I spent about 20 years as a developer in various places, companies and roles – if you need to know, here are the details.

In this weblog I plan to talk about more architectural level things around BizTalk. Topics that I think of now are like “stateless” server, making BizTalk scale, fault-tolerance, sins of synchronous communications architecture to name few. I don’t plan to do it often, may be twice a month.

So, here we are,
Eldar Musayev