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Sent: Thursday, November 30, 2006 5:10 AM
To: Eldar Musayev
Subject: (BizTalk Architecture, High Availability and MSMQ Adapters) : Regarding BizTalk Maps - Post Deployment
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Hello Sir,

I have developed a BizTalk2004 application. It has one orchestration, 2 schemas and 1 map. I have deployed that application into a production machine. I have packaged it using BTSInstaller and installed it in that production machine.

After a month, I have changed the map in my local machine. Now I need to replace the map in that production machine also. How can I do that without reinstalling the whole package?

I need to replace the map only.

Is there anyway like compEif.exe?

Please suggest me.

Thanks and Regards,

I am not sure about this specific question, although, I think, it may be possible. Except that you should keep in mind, that a lot of artefacts are compiled, not interpreted. As a reminder, I have moved from BizTalk team months ago, so you may be better off asking some current BizTalk team members. Or, even better, try the newsgroups support. Did you see my previous post? Quote:

*** Addded 3:13pm:
Got the response from the team:

Hi Eldar, please refer him to PSS or the public newsgroups.

Just for reference, they (public newsgroups) are here , and the team monitors them.