Updated Sysinternals Suite Installer

In my June 2008 TechNet Magazine article I provided an INF file for installing the Sysinternals Suite, which is used by the CMD and PowerShell Prompt Here as System PowerToys.  It installs the Suite into the Program Files\Sysinternals Suite folder, creates Start Menu shortcuts for the Suite's graphical tools/help files and registers the ShellRunas tool.  It also adds an entry into Add/Remove Programs so that the Suite can be uninstalled.


I recently had the need to reinstall the Sysinternals Suite on my computer.  However, I realized that I needed to update the installer due to changes in the mix of tools included in the Suite.  I’ve posted the updated Install_SysinternalsSuite.inf file in the attached Zip file.  Follow the instructions in the June 2008 TechNet Magazine article for using it.

I will try to update this more frequently in the future as the content of the Sysinternals Suite changes.


- Michael Murgolo, Senior Consultant, Microsoft Services, U.S. East Region.

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