Learning Notes - Extreme Programming (1)

XP is a new development model which I first heard at last year. Recently I had a book named "Extreme Programming Adventures in C#" and I am a bit interested in it and decide to write down what I learned and what I thought.

Today, suddenly when I am smoking a question jump out of my brain: most of the human being inventions include computer science are based on the purpose of decreasing the heavy workload and making our life more free and happy, but why most people still work so hard and with heavy pressure[:)]?

XP team is composed with two roles which are Customers and Programmers. The first role provides the software requirements or features and the second role is accountable for making how to realise all the features. A person may belong a Customer or Programmer or both.

XP development process is a series of iteration in which only simple function is implemented and tested. This character is something similar with RUP model. The key point is how to break down the features into "stories" which is the objective of one iteration. (Story is a new item for me in here)

Often I have some idea to develop something by myself but I can't get whole picture of what I will make. XP make me have another idea that don't hesitate to go ahead before everything is planned, just do what I think at that point.