BLUROSSO Brings Luxury and Intelligence to Internet TV Using Standard 7

A new case study was recently published about an Italian manufacturer of consumer related devices using Windows Embedded Standard 7 for their Connected Televisions. The manufacturer is BLUROSSO and their device is the Vivaldi Internet TV with the following specs:

  • Intel Proc
  • Hi-Def 55” & 65” LCD
  • Wi-Fi, BT, DVB-T, DVB-S
  • Uses HORM for faster booting
  • Custom Browser with zoom capability

Here are a few snippets from the case study, and here’s the link to the site and doc you can download:

“The concept of combining intelligence and luxury has been proven in automobiles and mobile phones. Now BLUROSSO, a manufacturer in Italy, is adopting a similar strategy to consumer devices. The company has come up with a new way of combining a wide range of multimedia functionality into one device – BLUROSSO i-TV. Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard 7 powers the networked digital television, bringing security, stability, and compatibility with thousands of interactive applications and devices.”

“The team also built a customized Internet browser using C# and Visual Studio. The browser allows users to zoom in and zoom out of a website using the remote, replicating the TV experience on the Internet. “

“…the embedded enabling feature “hibernate once/resume many” (HORM) enables Vivaldi to boot up in less than 15 seconds. “

BLUROSSO developers leveraged Smooth Streaming, an IIS Media Services extension that enables adaptive streaming of media to Silverlight over HTTP. “Smooth Streaming provides a high-quality viewing experience on a connection as low as 500kbit/sec, making true HD 1080p media experiences a reality for Vivaldi customers no matter where they are located”

- Andy