WEDU Not Registering When Installed On New Machines


There is a new version of the WEDU client (v1.1.92.0) available that resolves the registration issue.  You can download this  new version from the DLC, here.

There are no other changes in this new version, so if you are already successfully registered through WEDU you do not need to upgrade your WEDU version from v1.1.88.0 to V1.1.92.0.


With the release of WEDU, some customers have reported being unable to register WEDU to get updates.  Upon further investigation, this issue only appears to occur when WEDU is installed for the first time on a new Windows PC. A permanent fix for this issue is being investigated.  In the meantime, a work around has been found to allow WEDU registration to happen successfully.  The work around instructions are as follows:

  1. Launch WEDU and select the WES7 and the Register paragraph.
  2. Click the Register button and see the 3 windows pop up. 
  3. Select the option to remember user ID and password,  and Log into the Live service.
  4. Sign out of Live service by selecting the “Sign Out” link at the top.
  5. Close all instances of Internet Explorer.
  6. Restart WEDU, and select WES7 and Register paragraph again.  Then click Register button.
  7. This time, it should bring up the register screen only.
  8. Fill out the info and hit the Continue button.
  9. WEDU will be registered shortly after.