WEDU Offering KB2536276 Twice

KB2536276 was first released in October 2011 and offered through the Windows Embedded Developer Update (WEDU)client to update Windows Embedded Standard 7 RTM and SP1 Distribution Shares. There was an issue that the same update was being offered again even after the update had already been installed to the DS – this resulted in an error when trying to apply updates to an image using “Add Applicable Updates”:


This was because two versions of the update were available on the backend server that the WEDU client was querying (version and version . A fix was released this week that expired the incorrect version of that update and so WEDU clients will now only be offered the correct version, namely

To fix a distribution share that has both version of the package in it do the following:

  1. Delete folder "…\Program Files (x86)\Windows Embedded Standard 7\<Distribution Share>\Packages\SecurityUpdate\x86~package_for_kb2536276~~~~"
  2. Open a "Windows PE Tools Command Prompt" as Administrator.
  3. cd "…\Program Files (x86)\Windows Embedded Standard 7\Tools\Image Configuration Editor"
  4. ImportPackage.exe /RebuildIndex …\Program Files (x86)\Windows Embedded Standard 7\<Distribution Share>"

- Lynda

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