Windows Embedded Developer Update (WEDU) for Windows Embedded Standard 7 has Released

On June 28th, 2010 a new tool was released that provides another way for developers to service their Windows Embedded Standard 7 distribution shares. The tool is called Windows Embedded Developer Update (WEDU) and consists of a client and server architecture- the client can be downloaded to the developer machine and will connect to the server to look for updates. WEDU has the ability to determine if an update is already installed in the distribution share and show only those updates that are new. Developers can then select which updates they want to apply. The client will also offer updates to existing tools like ICE.


The WEDU client can be downloaded from the Microsoft Download Center, and for more information see this page. There is also a great video interview with Robert Peterson and Matthew Yip where they explain the benefits of WEDU particularly for developers building with Standard 7.

- Lynda