Automating WSS v3/MOSS 2007 development environment setup: part XI – Install VSeWSS v1.3 CTP


We come closer to a platform you can use to develop.

Now, you may want to use VSeWSS, acronym for: Visual Studio extensions for Windows SharePoint Services.

The release available for Visual Studio 2008 is the version 1.3. This version is under CTP (Customer Technology Preview) program (current build is 429 – Feb 2009).

You can download them from here :

Once the relevant file on your system (x86 or x64), you can install it unattended, launching this instruction:

VSeWSSv13_x86_Feb2009CTP_Build_429.exe /quiet /norestart

And here you are:

Now, we’ll work on the Office Clients …. another story to come :-)

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