Automating WSS v3/MOSS 2007 development environment setup: part XVI – SPDevmod from Scot Hillier


Last post of this long series.

You definitely need to adapt your environment, with all these tools, to SharePoint development. Many references and advices exists in this area, from very strong people on SharePoint. The one I selected for me comes from Scot Hillier, one of the most respected MVP on SharePoint in the US (

He posted his “development” method, and environment modification here: SharePoint Development Environment Modifications and explanations here: What's Your Process for Developing SharePoint Features and Solutions?

So, here’s a little step by step :

1. Download the modifications from CodePlex:

2. Unzip the package:

3. Select the right version for you (here VS2008):

4. Launch “install.bat” with administrator rights (to prevent from a registry access error, launch it from a local hard drive for the VM):

5. Enjoy and use:

This post is the last of this long series I started few month ago. I clearly wanted it to be in a chronological order. You may have seen I switched from Windows Server 2003 to 2008 during the posts. I needed that for some customers engagements. I will post on the unattended setup and adaptation of Windows Server 2008 for the development environment, but later. I have a lot of others subjects waiting for a long time now that I want to share with you.

Enjoy and use these 16 posts, as you need. It’s clearly one option to create the SharePoint development environment .... among others (like copying VHD files …. ;-) )

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