SharePoint Team Blog : "Design and Build Sites for Office SharePoint Server 2007"


Rob Silver wrote a post few days ago on "Design and Build Sites for Office SharePoint Server 2007".

You can find the post here :

It's hosted on one of the most important Blog for SharePoint. As Rob says, the existence of different "Roles" in SharePoint environemnts (IT Pros, developers, etc.), makes it difficult to get the big picture. This Guide is aimed to point out the different resources, with a usage or Role track in mind.

This is great news to go on this direction : usage and roles oriented matrix to read the ressources on MOSS 2007.

We all know integrating MOSS 2007 in customer current managed IT infrastructures is not that documented.

Based on different projects, my teamates and I will try to provide guidance in this through future posts. Our idea is to share the earned feedbacks with our projects to show how to "plug in" MOSS 2007 in current IT infrastructure, following the process flows already defined in most of customers IT departments.

Our work will cover both Projects and Operations aspects of "industrialization" needs, as they are very differents.

This will need few posts, but should be very helpful for MOSS projects, that never comes "Out of nowhere" in customers premises.


Regards, Emmanuel.