Copying Data from one Dynamics CRM Instance to another

This is regarding Data Transfer between CRM Organizations and applies to all kind of CRM deployments not only CRM Online. Please note, there might be also other solutions, this list is not an exclusive list. If there are other solutions, please reply to this blog, describe those known solutions, so we have a list including all known solutions for this requirement.

If you have some questions about the possibilities of copying CRM Online Instances to development Environments or any Kind of CRM instance Data to another organization, here you could find some of the possible ways how you should proceed.

I can confirm the current CRM Online Application design is not allowing us to replicate CRM Online Organization databases across multiple CRM Online instances, this Feature is also not existent in any Kind of current deployment Scenarios of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

The solution for this requirement could be:

This means you have to create a vanilla out of the box CRM Online Environment and import there the default solution you have exported from your Live Environment, import all the managed customizations and finally transfer the data using one of the following solutions:

Using Excel Sheet exports, for this we can raise the export to excel limit on demand through a new Service Request

Our instance adapter.

You can download the Dynamics NAV connector from here:

You can download the instance adapter here:

Blog to read about the CRM Instance adapter:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 is supported by Connector for Microsoft Dynamics:

Or you might be able to appeal to a 3rd party solution like ex. ScribeSoft or KingswaySoft SSIS integration

Or using other solutions, basically all of those solutions work through the SDK using our CRM Web Services.

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