Microsoft Office problems that affect Nordic clients in particular

Below you can find a list of the most common problems that Microsoft Support has seen affect Nordic clients in particular, in recent Office versions.

There may of course be other more common issues, but they would not be Nordic specific like these are:

Various issues in Swedish Office 2003 that appear directly after Service Pack 3 is installed:
Please read about this update, it may contain the solution: Critical update for Office 2003

Danish "Ctrl" shortcuts don't work in Excel 2007:
Microsoft has released a hotfix to solve this problem. This hotfix is included in Service Pack 2. Since Service Pack 2 is no longer supported, please install Service Pack 3 from these links to solve it:
Office 2007 Danish Language Pack Service Pack 3
Office 2007 Danish Service Pack 3

Scandinavian function names are changed in Excel 2010:
Danish, Norwegian and Swedish users, in addition to 7 other languages, may find that function names have changed in Excel 2010. This is a known behavior, documented here. As seen there, installing SP1 for Excel 2010 will revert back to the old names. However, you may find that you have parts of SP1 already, but still have the new function names. In this case, you are probably missing one of the following updates:
Danish Language Pack Service Pack 1 or Danish Service Pack 1
Norwegian Language Pack Service Pack 1 or Norwegian Service Pack 1
Swedish Language Pack Service Pack 1 or Swedish Service Pack 1

Unexpected quotation marks are used in Norwegian Word 2010:
There was a change to this in Service Pack 1 for Word 2010, as can be seen here:
"Double "smart quotes" do not have the correct format in Norwegian text."
You can find Service Pack 1 here.

As can be concluded from the above, if you make sure that you have the latest Service Packs and updates, you will avoid most of these problems.

I hope this helped you. If you have any questions, you can always add a comment below or open a support case with the Office support.