Where to find the TFS installation log?

TFS write verbose log files during installation & upgrade. These log files contain rich information for troubleshooting.  You may want to check them by yourself, or submit them to a Microsoft technical support engineer when necessary.

The log files are placed under the operation account’s temp folder. To get them , one

  • Log on to the TFS server with the setup user’s account;
  • From “start”-> “run ”->type “%temp%" in the command field, then press Enter to open the user’s temp folder. Typically this folder is C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Local\Temp;
    • The TFS installation log file name should resemble “dd_install_vstf_{at/dt}_{version}.txt” . In the same path there should be another file named “dd_error_vstf_{at/dt}_{version}.txt” which contains the details of any error happened during the installation.
    • The TFS Service Pack installation log name should resemble “Microsoft Visual Studio {version} Team Foundation Server Service Pack 1 {timestamp}-MSI0.txt”
  • If you don’t find the expected file in the temp folder, open the TFS installation path (by default it is %program files%\Microsoft Visual Studio {version} Team Foundation Server \), then check folder \Microsoft Visual Studio {version} Team Foundation Server-{Language}\logs\ . TFS can move the log files there.

This post is based on TFS2008. TFS2005 & TFS2010 installation log file paths are the same but file naming conventions are slightly different—yet still clear enough for you to distinguish from other files.

A tip: If you are submitting the files to a Microsoft technical support engineer, better find all text/html files in the same path, modified during the same time. These files can provide information about pre & post the setup/upgrade process.