Back From TechEd Developer 2007

I got the chance to attend TechEd Developer 2007 this year in Barcelona as Turkey TechEd Developer Champ. The TechEd developer event is happening this week followed by the TechEd IT Forum next week. We have a significant attendance from Turkey and organized Wednesday afternoon a country dinner in La Poma Restraurant in La Ramblas  Most of attendees from our customers and partners were there. We got the chance to chat and talk.  This year, event started with Soma's keynote. You can find video of Soma's speech below. Soma made the following important announcements in his speech :

Release of Visual Studio 2008 and .NET FX 3.5 before the end of November 2007 : In his keynote he address at TechEd Developers in Barcelona, Soma announced that Microsoft will release Visual Studio 2008 and the .NET Framework 3.5 by the end of November 2007. This release will enable developers and development organizations to be more productive, take advantage of all the latest platform advances on Windows, Office and the Web, and collaborate more effectively throughout the software life cycle.

Access to the Visual Studio source code for VSIP premier partners : We announced plans to create a shared source licensing program for Premier-level partners in the VSIP program. The program will provide these partners with the ability to view Visual Studio IDE source code for debugging purposes, and simplify the process of integrating their products with Visual Studio 2008. This will enable them to better design and debug their add-ins to Visual Studio.

Removing license restrictions with Visual Studio and the Visual Studio SDK : We have a very broad partner ecosystem with Visual Studio.  Some of our partners have needs to target multiple platforms.  As a response to our partners’ request, we are going to remove license restrictions with Visual Studio and the Visual Studio SDK to enable you to use the Visual Studio IDE and build applications that target the platform of your choice.

Popfly Explorer add-in to Visual Studio as a Codeplex project : Popfly Explorer is a hosted development environment available at A new release of Popfly Explorer will add new Web tools that provide Web developers and Popfly users an easy way to add Silverlight gadgets built in Popfly to their Web pages, as well as publish HTML Web pages directly to Popfly.

CTP for the Microsoft Sync Framework :   A CTP of Microsoft Sync Framework is available  at The first CTP of the Microsoft Sync Framework demonstrates Microsoft’s ongoing investments in synchronization and builds on the synchronization functionality available in Visual Studio 2008. With Visual Studio 2008, developers can rapidly take advantage of offline synchronization capabilities to sync-enable applications and services easily with rich designer support. The Microsoft Sync Framework extends the support featured in Visual Studio 2008 to also include offline and peer-to-peer collaboration using any protocol for any data type, and any data store. This is part of Microsoft’s long-term commitment to providing synchronization for partners and independent software vendors that can embed the Sync Framework into their applications easily to create rich sync-enabled ecosystems that allow any type of data to follow their customers wherever they go.

Software + Services Blueprints : Software + Services Blueprints that contain a framework with source code access, guidance and tools that work with Visual Studio to enable you to easily build software + services solutions.  The first in a series of such blueprints that enables you to build an add-in to Outlook 2007 that exposes data and interacts with external services is delivered.


Video: Keynote - TechED Developer 2007 Barcelona