MSDN Software+Services Architecture Site

The future is a combination of local software and Internet services interacting with one another. Software makes services better and services make software better. And by bringing together the best of both worlds, we maximize choice, flexibility and capabilities for our customers. We describe this evolutionary path in our industry as Software + Services.

There's a new site for Software Services (S+S) architects. The site will be valuable whether for those of you who have a software product, a services product (SaaS), or both. The site is part of MSDN's Architecture Center.

The site covers several topics of interest to ISVs:

  • How to build S+S
  • How to run S+S
  • How to consume S+S
  • How to monitize S+S

To start with, there's a webcast that describes S+S from an architectural perspective. And an article, The Architecture Journal: Software Services that talks architectures that supports both fat and thin clients, mobile and desktop, local install and web.

The site owner, Gianpaolo is asking for feedback, gaps, suggestions.