This Week in Downloads

New to the web this week on the WF/WCF front:

Compared to other weeks in the past month, this has been a relatively quiet one on the publication front. There are a lot of really cool things being brought into the pipeline, especially for around the PDC timeframe.

Also, we have additional functionality coming to MSDN in the coming month. You may have already noticed that the MSDN servers are starting to become more community focused (including the new forums site and the MSDN bookmarks site and the green 'Community Content' sections that appears on the bottom of MSDN documentation). We've been working with the MSDN team to get new content for WF and WCF content to go onto the new service at launch; I'll be interested in your feedback. The initial pages at creation is to place up about four or five initial pages that provide an inventory/collection of videos/screencasts and code samples that are out there. We are also thinking about creating a 'Learning Roadmap' to help those new to the technologies get a grasp on where to start and some help with understanding what's out there today. But - as I said - thoughts/opinions/comments are welcome.

I apologize for the tardiness in getting this posting up. I typically work on these either Friday afternoon or Saturday morning, but it was a busy week in the office and I got drawn into writing my first Windows Mobile application over the weekend (a simple flash card program to help me learn the notes on the grand staff).