Using a WF4 SymbolResolver to access host environment information

To access environment information from within an activity, you'll need to use the System.Activities.Hosting.SymbolResolver class.

Here's the code to access the symbol resolver from within an activity:

public sealed class SymbolUser : CodeActivity{ protected override void Execute(CodeActivityContext context) { SymbolResolver symbolResolver = context.GetExtension<SymbolResolver>(); MyObject obj = symbolResolver["CustomObject"] as MyObject; Console.WriteLine(obj.MyString); }}public class MyObject{ public int MyValue { get; set; } public string MyString { get; set; }}

Here's the code to add the symbol resolver to the workflow application:


class Program{ static void Main(string[] args) { WorkflowApplication WFApp = new WorkflowApplication(new Workflow1()); SymbolResolver symbolResolver = new SymbolResolver(); WFApp.Extensions.Add(symbolResolver); symbolResolver.Add("CustomObject", new SymbolUserActivity.MyObject() { MyValue = 1, MyString = "TestString" }); WFApp.Run(); Console.ReadLine(); }}