7 Years of "Hey! Scripting Guy!" Holiday specials!

So for those of you who may not have realized it, 7 years ago on “Hey! Scripting Guy!” a little idea started out which was to have a fun PowerShell based Holiday special.

If you’re curious here are all 7 in Reverse order including the badly written and horribly sung Parody theme tunes.

Happy Holidays and Rock on with Windows PowerShell!

Sean, the Energized Tech
Microsoft Premier Field Engineer <- I love that I get to say that now! :)

Curly Blue and the Meaning of Scripting

Parody Theme Song - "Scripting Time is Here"

Rusty the Red-eyed Scripter

Parody Theme Song - "Scripting Guys, Scripting Guys"

Oliver Script

Parody Theme Song – “Code Glorious Code”

‘Twas the Night Before Scripting

Parody Theme Song – “PowerShell is Coming to Town”

It’s a Wonderful Shell!

Parody Theme Song – “Deck the Halls with Cmdlets”

How Mr. Finch Learned Scripting

Parody Theme Song – “The Scripting Song”

A PowerShell Carol

Parody Theme Song – “The Mr. Script Song”