Announcing: conceptClassifier for SharePoint

conceptClassifier for SharePoint adds automatic document classification and taxonomy management to Microsoft SharePoint and works without the need to build another search index. It is installed as a set of Features that, when activated, cause new columns to be displayed in the document library listings and new menu options appear that allow authorised users to edit the automatically generated metadata, if required.

Adding Taxonomy navigation to SharePoint

Classification results are saved directly into SharePoint Properties where Microsoft Enterprise Search can utilise the metadata for enhanced searching, such as faceted search or results filtering.


The accuracy of the automatic classification is driven by the underlying technology which is based on compound term processing. This means that the classification engine performs its matching  using multi-word concepts rather than simply looking for selected keywords or phrases. Taxonomy creation and maintenance is a simple process and is conducted using natural language rules, making it much simpler and quicker than alternative approaches.

More information about conceptClassifier for SharePoint can be found here:

and a SharePoint demonstration can be seen here:

John Challis
Concept Searching Limited