Announcing: SharePoint Web Parts for FAST ESP

It’s been around 45 days since the acquisition of FAST Search and Transfer closed and we’re moving quickly to provide interoperability for Microsoft customers between FAST ESP and Microsoft SharePoint Server.

The first deliverables from this work are a set of FAST ESP Search Web Parts for quickly integrating results from FAST ESP into SharePoint Server 2007 and a FAST ESP Search site template. 

Using these Web Parts and Site Template SharePoint administrators will be able to quickly and easily build FAST ESP-based search sites inside SharePoint 2007 by simply dropping in and configuring the appropriate components.

The Web Parts and Site Template are available as a free download (both compiled code and source code) from CodePlex at and are part of the Search Community Toolkit.

Some of the FAST ESP search capabilities that can be exposed within SharePoint Server 2007 using these Web Parts include:

Search Box Web Part -- Search box for query term submission and includes “did you mean” functionality for query correction

Result List Web Part -- Displays search results and supports sorting, pagination, and navigator-based filtering

Navigator Web Part -- Displays dynamic navigators that profile search results across a set of pre-defined dimensions and allow users to refine the search through navigation clicks

Breadcrumb Web Part -- Displays the search term(s) and list of navigators used to obtain the current result set

The FAST ESP Web parts are designed to be open and extensible, and we’re actively encouraging customers and partners to download them, customize them to align with their branding and extend them to fit their searchand user experience requirements.

Expect the features, functionality and range ofESP Web Parts to grow through contributions from the search developer community as well as further contributions from the FAST & Microsoft Search Team!

FAST & Microsoft Search Teams.