How to troubleshoot MOSS 2007 Protocol Handler for Lotus Notes and other tips/tricks. Part 3 of 3

Important Hotfixes

Install and then this one,

After installing the hotfixes please don’t forget to do this step;

  • Run the "SharePoint Products and Technologies Configuration Wizard." To do this, click Start, point to All Programs, point to Administrative Tools, and then click SharePoint Products and Technologies Configuration Wizard.

Ok, so if you wanted the cool things, here they are

You can download a third-party tool from CodePlex -

This will help automatically manage content sources for crawling Lotus Notes databases - I strongly recommend using this utility.

Other things you’d want to know, such as what if my databases are web enabled and we don’t have the Lotus Notes Client on the desktop or you don’t like the way the results are displayed.

For the first one, you will have needed to follow the two hot fixes above and configure server name mapping so that the Notes:// URL is mapped to an HTTP:// URL.

Mei Ying wrote a blog on how to edit the metadata property mapping so that the results look much nicer.

Ok so you added the hot fixes, tried the cool things, but it still doesn’t work, what next ?

Ed Hild’s blog does have screenshots, check it out here ->

And try this article

The main points covered are

Users cannot view Lotus Notes documents that appear as links on search results pages

Search does not return results for content in files that are embedded in Lotus Notes documents

Unable to validate the security mappings

Documents appear as a GUID in search results

If after the initial setup, do I need to run NotesSetup again if I launch the Lotus Notes client application and don't make any configuration changes?

After updating the mappings database on the Domino server, the index server does not use the new mappings when crawling the Domino server


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