Search Server Express Heroes - Tell Your Story!

Search Server 2008 Express has only been available for a month now, and we have already been hearing stories from customers about how it has helped them deliver value to their organization -- in many cases in unexpected ways that became a great hero opportunity for IT.  We would really like to share your stories on our website to help others understand how search can help them...

Have you used Search Server Express to change the way your organization uses search to find information? Can your co-workers uncover the information they need on the company intranet faster than before? Do your customers now locate products and services from public facing websites quickly and easily?  If so, tell us your story!

Visit here to briefly tell us how and why you implemented Search Server Express at your organization as well as the feedback you received from your co-workers and customers.  Partners, you can submit your customer stories here as well, and we will include your name in the entries.  We will post selected stories on the website this month!

Rhett Dillingham
Senior Product Manager
Microsoft Corp