Welcome to the Microsoft Enterprise Search Blog.

We're happy to have you here! 

So first things first; who's going to post here?  Well, we're actually a whole bunch of people;  all of us working with Enterprise Search at Microsoft in one way or another - you can expect to see posts from developers, testers, program management, product management, Microsoft Sales and Consulting, our partners and the occasional VP and GM. 

We're hoping to grab your attention by posting content from deep technical articles to product announcements to stuff we just find interesting - and all of it is going to be focused on our Enterprise Search technologies and products.

Now, if the term "Enterprise Search" is new to you, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about; and it's really not that complicated...

Just about anyone that owns a computer knows how to search the Internet one way or another.  Enterprise Search is all about being able to search content that's important to your organization. It's all about approaching search from a different angle and understanding that the content an organization creates in terms of location, type, security and what makes it relevant, is generally very different to the content you'll find on the Internet. 

While techniques used in Internet search engines will work to some degree with enterprise data the real value in an Enterprise Search product is that it can understand the difference and behave accordingly in terms of security, relevance, data types etc.

Indexing enterprise data and making it accessible in a relevant way to employees, customers and business partners is what we're all about - and we're not just talking about documents and websites, we're talking about people, expertise, structured data in databases, email and many other types of content that hold a huge amount of value to an organization if the right people can find and access it in a secure and managed way.

We'd love to hear your thoughts on what Enterprise Search means to you, within your organization, and what your biggest challenges and concerns are?

In the coming months we're hoping this blog will grow to be a valuable and interesting resource for anyone interested in Enterprise Search technology from Microsoft; from both a business and technical perspective - so go on, hit that RSS or ATOM link and keep an eye on what we're up to....

Jonathan Kauffman
General Manager
Enterprise Search