Don’t forget about the security and compliance center

For those of you that are Exchange Online Protection veterans, it may be second nature to always head to the Exchange Online portal whenever you need to make any changes to that service. You may not even think of making those changes in the Security and Compliance Center. I’d like to throw out this quick reminder to make sure you are visiting the Security and Compliance Center. If you haven’t been for a while, then it’s time to get out of that comfort zone and go for a visit! It’s easy, just click

There are some new Exchange Online Protection features that you may not be aware of which are only available in the Security and Compliance Center. As an example, us veterans know that you can set an action like “junk folder” for spam, and a different action like “quarantine” for high confidence spam.



But did you know that in the Security and Compliance Center you can also set actions for Phishing and Bulk messages?



For those that want to have phishing mail treated differently than spam and high confidence spam, you can!!

In the Security and Compliance Center there is also a front end for spoof intelligence management (requires the purchase Office 365 Enterprise E5 or Advanced Threat Protection licenses), as well as a check box for enabling or disabling Outlook Web tips. If you were only using the Exchange Online portal, you would have to use PowerShell for management of these features.



If you haven’t checked out the Security and Compliance Center for a while, I would highly recommend a visit to it at Features related to Exchange Online Protection can be found under the Threat Management menu.