New performance best practices white paper

Performance and capacity planning best practices

This download contains two white papers:

  • Performance testing white paper

  • Performance and capacity planning best practices white paper

Performance testing white paper

This white paper contains a description of an actual performance testing lab for Microsoft Office Project Server 2007.

The first chapter (“Running a Project Server 2007 Performance Test Lab”), describes how to run performance tests against a Office Project Server 2007 deployment by using Visual Studio Team System 2008 and a set of community-based tools built for the purpose.

The second chapter (“Test Environment”), documents the specifics of the lab environment that was used for the tests we ran for collecting data for this white paper.

The third chapter (“Test Results”), describes in detail the test scenarios that were conducted, and it summarizes the data collected for every scenario.

The paper is available from the Microsoft Download Center.

Download size: 4 MB

Performance and capacity planning best practices white paper

The purpose of this guide is to extend the Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 Performance Testing Lab white paper by providing best practices and recommendations.

This paper examines a wide array of system objects, including:

  • Platform-related objects — including the farm, shared service providers, application pools, web applications, databases, disks, network, memory, CPU, logs, and performance counters

  • Data-related objects — including projects, tasks, assignments, resources, custom fields, and security

  • User-related objects — including localization, workloads, queue job processor threads, and interface feeds

For each system object, the following information is provided:

  • Definition — The definition of the object

  • Guidelines for acceptable performance — The best practices and supporting statements

  • Calculation factors — The performance and scalability calculations to support the best practices

  • Scope of impact — A list of objects affected in the system when best practices are not implemented