The EPM Content Pivot Viewer

I just wanted to highlight again the EPM Content Pivot Viewer app on TechNet which can be accessed at:

(once there I highly suggest clicking on image for a better experience)

We’ve had some great feedback from customers, but also in recent communications with the Project Server customers noticed that a significant portion of customers have not heard of the pivot or tried it.

The idea behind developing the EPM Content Pivot Viewer was to help provide you the customer with an easy to use interface that allows you to view, sort, and search through our extensive content library. We’ve provided logical pivot points to help you find content for your area of the deployment lifecycle from planning through operations and technical reference, as well as pivot content by Project Server solution areas so you can pinpoint TechNet articles, training, and white papers that will be most helpful to what you are looking to do.

If you find the EPM Content Pivot Viewer useful and would like to see future versions and new features, please email with any comments or questions as your feedback is very valuable to us.