I'm looking for a strong developer to work on my team creating the next version of VSTO

I'm looking for a strong developer with C++ & C# skills to work on the next version of VSTO. I am the hiring manager for this position. Submit your resume via my contact link: http://blogs.msdn.com/eric_carter/contact.aspx

Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO) is one of the hottest new products coming out of developer division right now. It allows developers to program against Word, Excel, Outlook, and InfoPath in C# and Visual Basic with lots of cool design-time and runtime features. Millions of Office developers are looking to make the switch from VBA to VSTO and we're providing the excitement that will make them switch. You will be part of the frameworks team that owns the runtime (how code gets loaded and started up in Office), the programming model (features like our ActionsPane feature that allows developers to put Windows Forms controls in the Office task pane), and the integration of Office with the Visual Studio components (supporting cool visual designers and projects).

This is a chance to get in at the start of our VSTO 3.0 product cycle which will target the exciting new Office 12 platform. You will have the unique opportunity to be at the junction between the latest .NET technlogies, the latest version of Visual Studio, and the emerging Office 12 platform.

You will join a team of experienced people that are fun to work with and will keep you challenged technically. (Editor aside: I've blogged about some of these people. Eric Lippert, Mohit Gupta, Misha Shneerson, Andrew Whitechapel--they are all on my team). The qualities we are looking for in a new team member are strong problem solving skills and coding ability in both C# and C++, passion about engineering excellence, and passion about building cool tools for developers. We value someone who is constantly thinking of new ideas and better ways to do things--someone who will make a huge impact through executing on those ideas.