Office Developer Conference Videos now on the Web!

Didn't get to go to the Office Developer Conference this year? Well, good news, all the videos of the conference are now on the web at

Here are the VSTO specific sessions:

CD308—Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Office: Overview and Application-Level Add-ins

Presenter: Andrew Whitechapel; 67 minutes (187 MB)
Find out what’s coming up in VSTO v3, and learn to create application-level add-ins, application-level task panes, and custom ribbons.

CD309—Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Office : XML File Formats and Document-Level Customizations

Presenter: Eric Carter; 72 minutes (230 MB)
Learn how VSTO enables you to access and manipulate business data embedded in the new file formats without Office running on the server.

CD401—Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Office: Creating a Multi-Tier Application

Presenter: John Durant; 69 minutes (288 MB)
Learn how to create multi-tier applications using Web services, business objects, data objects, SQL server, and VSTO 2005.

CD402—Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Office: Building and Deploying a Server Application

Presenter: Darryn Lavery; 71 minutes (314 MB)
Learn to design and develop an Office application that enables offline use, as well as use MSIs to deploy your solutions.