This post brought to you by the letter E

On the very off topic subject of wacky things that happen to developers office's, somehow one of the developers on my team (Mohit Gupta) has acquired a shower curtain complete with pressure rod which he has mounted on his office door. To get in to his office, you have to open the shower curtain and step on in. (As an aside, have I ever mentioned how hard it is for me to use the word "office" in a sentence and not atempt to capitalize it?)

By free association, Mohit's shower curtain reminded me of the Rubber Duckie song, available here for your Friday listening enjoyment.

For those of you who didn't grow up on Sesame Street, the song is from a childrens show that has been running on public television in the United States forever: I like the FAQ page ( which answers hard questions like "Why does Elmo refer to himself in the third person". Elmo refers to himself in the third person because he can--don't mess with the Elmo: