VSTO 2.0 Data Story

Paul Cornell blogs about the VSTO 2.0 Data Story including lots of pretty pictures. Tasty!

All that's missing is a this.List1.DataBodyRange.Columns.AutoFit(); -- that would make the columns in the last picture size to fit the contents.

Also, in the future, hopefully we'll generate better names than “NamedRange1” and “List1”. Since we know you dragged a company name to create the named range, we should name that view control something like “CompanyNameRange” and since we know you dragged a customers table, we should name that “CustomersList” or something like that. When we have the information implicit in a data drag drop, it seems silly not to create an intelligently named view control. If you do schema mapping in Word or Excel we do just such a thing--this logic hasn't made it into the drag drop from the data sources window yet however.