CLR 4.0: Parallel Extensions and the CLR ThreadPool

It's been a while since I've posted; for the past several months I've been working on deep changes in the CLR ThreadPool to support the Parallel Extensions to the .NET Framework.

I hope to say a few things about the changes we're making in the CLR to support this new programming model over the coming months.  But for now I encourage everyone to watch Daniel Moth's excellent PDC presentation on this subject.  He does a fantastic job of outlining what we're doing, and why it matters to you.

And a quick note about the CTP release of the CLR that was distributed at PDC: this does not include the new ThreadPool.  The Parallel Extensions are running on their own task scheduler in this release.  However, as Daniel mentions we do intend to ship CLR 4.0 with the Parallel Extensions deeply integrated with a much-improved CLR thread pool.  Stay tuned!