Getting started with Microsoft Cloud Computing

We have a new section on our Visual Studio Developer Center over at MSDN, for getting started on our cloud computing stack.
You will find free downloads, blog postings, developer resource kits, community resources and more linked conveniently from this page.
If you're using Visual Studio, make it a web favorite and/or your VS start page, and you'll quickly have all the latest tools and technology at your fingertips. 

I have been getting inquiries of late from various friends and family members on how they too could get a good position with a company like Microsoft (if not Microsoft itself).
My advice has been to make sure they are up to speed with the latest products and platforms.  
Certainly from a development/engineering perspective, Windows Azure and its derivative building blocks are a sure, safe technology bet in my humble opinion.
So much so, that I have been changing my specialization focus over to the Windows Azure platform/stack for the past several months.
I'm pleased to announce that my work internally at Microsoft is also switching focus to Windows Azure, and I'm excited about the possibilities this will bring to the table for our customers in the future.  

For all my SharePoint friends, rest-assurred I still will be blogging about SharePoint issues, and I have a whole series of blog postings lined up in conjunction with our beta releases of SharePoint Server 2010.
Stay tuned for more information.