.NET Services November CTP Released

The November CTP of Microsoft .NET Services has released today, and you can get it from http://www.microsoft.com/windowsazure/developers/dotnetservices/.  

The latest .NET Services CTP includes some key design changes announced previously to the Service Bus (SB) and the Access Control Services (ACS).  
SB and ACS now include the feature set that will be available when we enter commercial availability early next year, and are now the first commercial services to run on Windows Azure.
Updates and changes for the November CTP are:

  • Access Control Service: We are focusing on addressing the large, unmet need around access control for REST web services and delivering a robust infrastructure for REST web services authorization and support with this new SDK.
  • Service Bus: The Service Bus now offers message buffers to support persistent, asynchronous messaging. It also provides for more ‘clients’ and ‘services’ per solution, as well as an increased number of connections per solution.

Based on the fact that REST web services have become increasingly popular with both web and enterprise developers, we received feedback from the community that the lack of controlling access to REST web services is one of the major pain points faced by service developers today. As interoperability remains a goal of ours, this means that we will simplify the approach to ACS so that access control scenarios integrate well with REST. The approach is also designed to continue to appeal to all developers that want an easy way to take advantage of Service Bus and Access Control Service or use these services from non-Microsoft platforms. Meanwhile, we remain committed to our ongoing goals of enabling SSO and authorization for websites, supporting WS-*, and federating with a greater variety of web and enterprise identity providers, in a future release.


You can find out more information on the .NET Services team blog.