New Windows Azure IaaS Features - Resources

Digital Chalk Talk Videos – detailed technical overviews of the new Windows Azure services and supporting technologies as announced June 7, including Virtual Machines (IaaS Windows and Linux), Storage, Command Line Tools

Windows Azure Scenarios Videos on You Tube – “how to” guides, including “Create and Manage Virtual Networks”, “Create & Manage SQL Database”, and many more

Watch Learn Live” event from TechEd Orlando, Monday June 11 – with priority for large Enterprise customers, webcasts on key announcements and topics for Windows Azure, including Virtual Machines (IaaS) and Networking. Recordings of these Sessions are available.

90 Day Free Trial - we would like to confirm that the Preview Period in support of the new release of Windows Azure is now available, which will enable you to evaluate the new Virtual Machines/IaaS and Enterprise Networking capabilities. Once you have registered for the 90 Day Free Trial and created a new Account, you can access the Preview directly at this link: