Under-the-Hood of Windows Azure.

I’ve had a bunch of folks asking me lately on how our Windows Azure platform works “under-the-hood” (for example, the fabric controller) and about data center security.  If your interested in either, there are two publically available resources which give you quite a bit of insight, which I will direct you to:

A PDC 2008 session by Erick Smith and Chuck Lenzmeier talk to a good majority of the nuts & bolts:

Learn about the internal service management system and virtualization technologies responsible for monitoring, configuring, and lifecycle management of the cloud computing environment. Hear about the mechanisms used to deliver self-healing, dynamic scaling, and auto-deploying cloud computing data centers.

Under the Hood- Inside the Windows Azure Hosting Environment pdc2008 


For the security side, there is a great whitepaper out on our Global Foundation Services website, which I feel is a must-have for larger enterprises looking to leverage our platform:

Securing Microsoft's Cloud Infrastructure