Windows Azure PowerShell Cmdlets

 Nothing make my work more fun than PowerShell Cmdlets, that let me script all sorts of goo into more focused gobbledy goo, real fast. image

The following is a “must-have” in my opinion, for most enterprises today using Windows Azure.

Ryan Dunn has announced the updated release of the Windows Azure Service Management (WASM) Cmdlets for PowerShell today.  

With these cmdlets you can effectively automate and manage all your services in Windows Azure. 

Specifically, you can:

· Deploy new Hosted Services

  • Automatically upload your packages from the file system to blob storage.

· Upgrade your services

  • Choose between automatic or manual rolling upgradesimage
  • Swap between staging and production environments

· Remove your Hosted Services

  • Automatically pull down your services at the end of the day to stop billing. This is a critical need for test and development environments.

· Manage your Storage accounts

  • Retrieve or regenerate your storage keys

· Manage your Certificates

  • Deploy certificates from your Windows store or the local filesystem

· Configure your Diagnostics

  • Remotely configure the event sources you wish to monitor (Event Logs, Tracing, IIS Logs, Performance Counters and more)

· Transfer your Diagnostics Information

  • Schedule your transfers or Transfer on Demand.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to Ryan’s blog , get the primer, and then grab the Powershell Cmdlets and rock-on!