Windows Azure Services Platform Updates

I came across some publically-releasable information I'd love to share with you all, regarding our Azure Services Platform, currently in Community Technology Preview (CTP)  preview.
Microsoft is planning for future innovations in computing and will continue to partner with customers as our Software + Services landscape evolves.
Our efforts will provide more options over time on how you can obtain and experience more Cloud Computing technology from Microsoft.

If your new to this space, I suggest heading over to the Windows Azure Site, and/or Steve Marx's blog and finding out more!

Windows Azure - An update to the Windows Azure service delivers advancements in interoperability, openness, geo-specification, and the ability to take existing IP to the cloud.  

Applications written in PHP or other 3rd party programming languages can be deployed and run on the Windows Azure infrastructure with FastCGI support, providing an easy to use, scalable cloud runtime and storage environment while giving developers the power to choose their preferred programming language. For .NET developers, Full Trust is now available, so all aspects of the .NET Framework can be utilized, including invoking native and legacy code components and giving existing code investments new life in the cloud. Over the next few weeks geolocation will be available, enabling customers to specify the datacenter location for applications and storage to optimize for lower network latency and comply with location-based regulatory and legal requirements when additional globally distributed data-centers become available. 

Windows Azure will be commercially available towards the end of calendar year 2009. Until then, CTP updates will be forthcoming with additional features. This is an exceptionally good time to get started with Windows Azure!

Microsoft SQL Services - SQL Data Services (SDS) recently announced an accelerated roadmap to provide a cloud database as part of the Azure Services Platform.  

In this updated roadmap originally disclosed March 10, SDS will deliver a fully relational database service in the market to provide customers with the ability to use existing investments in on-premises SQL Server T-SQL development and use a full relational data model in the cloud. This approach enables greater developer agility and faster time to market by supporting the use of existing applications, tools and knowledge. Additionally it offers distributed, cloud based functionality that will work with other online services or with existing on-premises solutions. 

The public availability of these updated service features will be mid-2009 and commercially available the second half of CY2009.

.NET Services

.NET Services makes further enhancements to embrace Web standards, interoperability, and provide connectivity on-premises with the cloud and for disparate groups across network boundaries. These services allow customers to easily federate data and messages with its Service Bus and Access Control services. By supporting REST, ATOM, JSON, SOAP and HTTP Web standards, Web developers using any programming language can use the service to connect, collaborate, and create federated applications.

Live Services

To accommodate increasing popularity and demand, Live Services is available as an open Community Technology Preview, where any developer can start utilizing the Web services and incorporate them into socially-aware applications connecting to 460 million Live users.