Windows Azure Training Kit - December 2010

Today we have released an updated version of the Windows Azure Platform Training Kit & Courses – you can download the training kit here or walkthrough the hands-on labs on MSDN here.

The December release of the training kit includes several new and updated hands-on labs, demo scripts, and presentations for the Windows Azure November 2010 enhancements and the Windows Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio 1.3. These new hands-on labs demonstrate how to use new Windows Azure features such as Virtual Machine Role, Elevated Privileges, Full IIS, and more. This release also includes hands-on labs that were updated in late October and November 2010 to demonstrate some of the new Windows Azure AppFabric services that were announced at the Professional Developers Conference including the Windows Azure AppFabric Access Control, Caching Service, and the Service Bus.

Some of the specific changes with the December update of the training kit include:

§ [Updated] All demos were updated to the Azure SDK 1.3

§ [New demo script] Deploying and Managing SQL Azure Databases with Visual Studio 2010 Data-tier Applications

§ [New presentation] Identity and Access Control in the Cloud

§ [New presentation] Introduction to SQL Azure Reporting

§ [New presentation] Advanced SQL Azure

§ [New presentation] Windows Azure Marketplace DataMarket

§ [New presentation] Managing, Debugging, and Monitoring Windows Azure

§ [New presentation] Building Low Latency Web Applications

§ [New presentation] Windows Azure AppFabric Service Bus

§ [New presentation] Windows Azure Connect

§ [New presentation] Moving Applications to the Cloud with VM Role


As part of this update, we have included three sample Training Agendas that cover one-day, two-day, and four-day workshops. As such, you can leverage the materials included in this kit to host your own events by choosing the format most appropriate to you.


You can download the December update of the Windows Azure Platform Training kit from here:

Additionally, we continue to publish the HOLs directly to MSDN to make it easier for developers to review and use the content without having to download an entire training kit package. 

You can now browse to all of the HOLs online in MSDN here:

If you have any feedback, please send it to us at: