Insights into the .NET Architecture...

Last summer, Bruce Eckel and Bill Venners came to Seattle to talk to the C# team, which lead to the Anders interviews that have been featured on Artima. During a break between talking to more important people, I got the chance to talk to Bruce and Bill for 20 or 30 minutes, and this interview is the result.

One of the cool things about my job is that I sometimes get to meet “important people”. I'd always really enjoyed Bruce Eckel's C++ books (I learned C++ from some of his early C++ titles), and it was a distinct pleasure to be able to meet him and express my appreciation.

Feel free to comment on the interview in this entry, or on the comment page for the interview. Special thanks if you find a place where I've said something stupid, so I can correct it. (No, I didn't use the word “Indite”...)

[Update: In a comment, Tom asks how Java requiring a JVM on the other end is any different than .NET requiring .NET on the other end.

My point - which didn't really come through very well - was that presuming what you have on the other side is <X> is a constraint. The way around this is to use Web Services, which are platform agnostic. In that sort of world, the ability to ship code around the network doesn't really gain you anything, because you can't do it on all platforms.