HDC06 Recap

The HDC continues to grow and improve each and every year.  This year was our 3rd annual conference with the largest attendance to date.   We had over 500 attendees, 20 sponsors, 18 tremendous speakers, and 75 people on our waitlist.   To put our numbers in perspective, VSLive in Boston ran concurrently with our conference and had 250 attendees at a $1000 per person price tag.  For $175 per person this year’s 2 day event provided a pre-party, 3 tracks, 2 keynotes, 21 sessions, hot & cold meals, casino night, and multiple prize raffles.  For the second year in a row Jeff Julian (PodcastStudio.NET) was on-site recording podcasts with speakers and organizers.

Like prior years, we received rave reviews from attendees, speakers, and sponsors.  We were thrilled to hear that many  sponsors drummed up new business during our conference and can’t wait to sponsor another event.  Joe, Phil, and I have already started discussing the HD07, and we’re sure it will be even bigger and better  than previous years.

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