Tech Ed

I'm currently down in sunny Orlando, getting ready for Tech Ed (or is it TechEd? That dot between letters is a very odd thing). I'm going to be presenting on LINQ to DataSet, and Understanding the Entity Framework. As usual, I have far too much material for the time that I have. So I ask you, what aspects of LINQ to DataSet or the Entity Framework would you like me to focus on? Are there particular areas that are confusing, or that deserve attention?

As well as the sessions, I will also be doing a couple of TEO panels, which will be a new experience for me. The topics are LINQ in the UI Layer, and VB XML Literals for C# developers. Both panels should be great fun, and I'm told that they are highly interactive, so come with your questions!

If you see me there, come by and say hi. You'll know me by my broken foot, which I got fighting ninjas.