How much does Team Foundation Server cost?

I wanted to add something to my last post about RTM dates and what not – Team Foundation Server is not on our volume product lists or physically at resellers yet, but the retail pricing is available to help you budget.

Team Foundation Server pricing can be found at along with the rest of the Visual Studio 2005 pricing; CALs are priced at $499 retail and the server is priced at $2799.00.

In many cases, customers will purchase through volume licensing agreements.  Even though they are ‘volume’ agreements, some are applicable for ‘volumes’ as small as 5.  Volume license pricing is always less than our retail pricing.  Microsoft can’t release volume pricing publicly because of legal agreements we have with our resellers.  I believe this type of agreement is exists for product-reseller relationship; for example, I can’t go to Nike and see what price they are selling shoes to Foot Locker for.