Possible version control issue ...

Hello, a quick post from PDC. 

I had the chance to install a Team Foundation Server Beta 3 candidate build (more on that later); I ran into a small issue with that build I wanted to blog about. 

I have a solution that I've been carrying around with me since pre-Beta 2. When added that solution to my new Team Foundation Server, I got an error telling me that my source control plug-in could not be loaded. As it turns out, the GUID that we use to identify source code plug-ins has changed.

What I did to fix this was open my Visual Studio 2005 solution (.SLN) file in notepad and remove text that looked like:

GlobalSection(SourceCodeControl) = preSolution
SccNumberOfProjects = 4
SccProviderRegKey = Software\Microsoft\SourceSafe
SccEnterpriseProvider = {DE9DF59E-8859-48A8-AA95-1E984B3B48A9}
SccTeamFoundationServer = http://vstsb2:8080/
  SccLocalPath0 = .
SccWebProject1 = true
SccProjectUniqueName1 = http://localhost:2005/adventureworks
  SccProjectName1 = adventureworks
SccLocalPath1 = adventureworks
SccProjectEnlistmentChoice1 = 2
SccProjectUniqueName2 = Notification\\Notification.csproj
SccProjectName2 = Notification
SccLocalPath2 = Notification
SccProjectUniqueName3 = TestProject\\TestProject.csproj
SccProjectName3 = TestProject
SccLocalPath3 = TestProject

I believe it was the SccEnterpriseProvider GUID value that was throwing Visual Studio 2005 Team System off a bit.

I'm using a candidate Beta 3 build, so you may never see this issue, but I thought I would blog about it just in case.