What does a Team Foundation Server CAL look like?

Much has been made about when and where you need a Team Foundation Server CAL; but until now, I don’t think anyone has talked about what one looks like.

In my 8 or so years at Microsoft, I’ve never actually seen a CAL of any kind.  So, a few weeks ago, I decided to order a Team Foundation Server CAL for myself.

Today, a card board box arrived in my office and it was filled with Team Foundation Server CALs and the mystery was solved

Here is what a Team Foundation Server CAL looks like (incidentally, here is what I look like as well):


The actual CAL, ‘certificate’ if you will is quite detailed – there are lots of holographic images, etching and shiny metal-looking material on it.


As it turns out, a Team Foundation Server CAL is much thinner than I am.  I’m in the process of losing some weight, so stay tuned, I’ll be sevlte like our CAL in no time.


Anyways, just wanted to share, take care!