Le feature Pack pour C++ est prêt !

…ou presque,puisqu’il s’agit encore d’une Beta.

Au programme de ce feature pasck :


The VC++ 2008 MFC libraries have been extended to support creation of applications that have:

· Office Ribbon style interface

· Office 2007, Office 2003 and Office XP look and feel

· Modern Visual Studio-style docking toolbars and panes

· Fully customizable toolbars and menus

· A rich set of advanced GUI controls

· Advanced MDI tabs and groups

· And much more!

This feature pack also includes an implementation of TR1. Portions of TR1 are scheduled for adoption in the upcoming C++0x standard as the first major addition to the ISO 2003 standard C++ library. Our implementation includes a number of important features such as:

· Smart pointers

· Regular expression parsing

· New containers (tuple, array, unordered set, etc)

· Sophisticated random number generators

· Polymorphic function wrappers

· Type traits

· And more!

Bref, comme on l’a vu au TechED, la machinne C++ Native est en marche….