Bandwidth-Adjusting Videos on MSDN

Now this is just cool.  Many of the videos published on MSDN have been moved to the MSN video platform, and this has a very positive effect on developers watching How-to videos when bandwidth is somewhat limited.  At home, I have basic cable internet access, and every now and then bandwidth degrades for some period of time.  Previously, the video would just stop playing, which is annoying.  Now, if you are in a hotel with somewhat spotty bandwidth, the video continues playing without interruption – it just gets blurrier.  I like this, as it doesn’t break my concentration.  Then, if your bandwidth improves, the video gets clear again.

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Blog TOCThis transition to the MSN video platform has been gradually taking place over the last six months.  Not all videos that you find on MSDN are hosted there.  But I’ve just learned that a whole bunch of them, including most videos on the various Office development centers have moved to the new platform recently.

Enjoy this behavior while learning about new features for developers in Office 2010 and SharePoint Server 2010:

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